Andy Range

Andy joined the Embrey's Customotive team in 2003 after a successful career with Bell South working as a linesman. Andy is a very accomplished auto body man and Jeff relies on him to maintain the stricted Quality Assurance in all Embrey's Customotive projects.

Andy is not only conscientious but also has a great sense of humor. He keeps the entire Embrey's team in good spirits. When given a project, Andy always gives it 110% and to the high standards Jeff expects from himself and everyone at Embrey's Customotive. Andy is a valuable asset to our team.

Andy has been married to Tina for over 15 years and has one "child" named "Lucky", a Siberian Husky. Andy is an avid car collector and is often found working on one of his cars, just as he is at Embrey's.

Bring your car, boat, motorcyle, golf cart or airplane to Embrey's Customotive and let Andy and the team tackle your project with the quality and standards we're known for!




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