Jeff Embrey

Jeff Embrey grew up in Fayetteville, Georgia, the son of an avid car and hot rod builder. Jeff's Dad was usually in his shop, building, restoring and maintaining his car. Watching and learning from his Dad, soon Jeff's natural artistic abilities and mechanical aptitude was funneled into work on cars, go-carts, bikes and anything else he could take apart and put back together (looking a bit more "custom" in the process).

Jeff found that he really enjoyed making things "look better" and was soon painting cars in his Dad's shop. In high school and college, Jeff worked at "Big Al's Auto Works" in Fayetteville, which specialized in restoring antique automobiles.

In the following years, Jeff worked at several auto body and paint shops, gaining more experience and honing his skills. Soon he was working at large automobile dealerships and a very large collision shop before leaving to form Embrey's Customotive in 2002.

Jeff specializes in custom paint and airbrush work, and his trademark "flame jobs", found on many cars, trucks, motorcycles and yes, even golf carts. Jeff has become known nationwide and his work has been featured in numerous custom car and motorcycle magazines, including the July 2007 cover of "Hot Bike" magazine.

Jeff is married to Sonya and has two daughters, Whitney and Kensley. (Jeff is often assisted by Whitney in the shop). It's truely a family business, with Sonya handling the business affairs while also trying to get Jeff to "put the paint away and come home for dinner!" (Jeff's passion often means long hours, but his customers appreciate it!)

Give Jeff a call to discuss your collision repair or custom paint, body or upholstery work. You won't be disappointed!




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