Kenneth "Bogie" Mask

"Bogie" is Jeff's "right hand man" at Embrey's Customotive. He has known and worked with Jeff for over 20 years in the automotive body and paint business. Jeff and Bogie met while working at a large body shop and, in 2006, Bogie joined the team at Embrey's Customotive.

Bogie specializes in body work and paint. Jeff counts on Bogie as his Number 1 collision repair specialist. After a collision, it's easy for the owner to focus on the twisted metal and extensive damage, but Bogie sees right through that and will have the vehicle "like new" in no time. His skills as a master body and paint man have allowed Jeff to focus on the custom paint and body work that he's known for, creating the perfect team.

Bogie has one daughter Kelley, who is married to Kevin.

If your car has collision damage or needs body work, bring it to Embrey's Customotive and let Bogie make it new again!



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Kenneth "Bogie" Mask

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